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Tiny but powerful hibernation utility.

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Shutdown Lock is specifically designed to makes it possible for a third party software to force PC into suspension or hibernation, rather than to shut down.

The program is loaded upon startup and sits quietly in the system tray. You can enable or disable it with one mouse click. If enabled, the program will either hibernate or suspend PC when a program prompts system shut down.

System Requirements

The listing below specifies the minimum system requirements for running Shutdown Lock:

Menu Overview

Enable to shut down(turn off) the computer
Suspend Now The system suspends using RAM-alive technique.
Hibernate Now The system suspends using hibernation technique.
Log Off Now Logs off the current user.
Turn Off Now Shuts down the system and turns off the power. The system must support the power-off feature.
Restart Now Restarts the system.
Options Shows Options dialog.
Help Opens help system.
About Shows information about the Shutdown Lock.
Exit Shuts down Shutdown Lock.


Lock Signals
Shutdown(Turn Off) Locks and process the shut down request.
Restart Locks and process the restart request.
Log Off Locks and process the log off request.
All(Kid Mode) Locks and process all above requests.
Suspend The system suspends using RAM-alive technique.
Hibernate The system suspends using hibernation technique.
Notify Only Shows notify ballon message only.

Command Line Overview

Shutdown Lock command line:

shutdownlock.exe [OPTIONS] [COMMAND]

Available commands:
logoff to log off the current user
shutdown[|turnoff] to shut down(turn off) the computer
restart to restart the computer
hibernate to hibernate the computer
suspend[|standby] to suspend(stand by) the computer
help to show quick help
--delay=nn delay command execution for nn seconds (default: 0)

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It worked just perfect with flashget. The only one thing frustrating me. FlashGet nothing knows about shut down lock and close himself :) Neva Sutton...


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