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Irritated with the fact that some applications just don't go well with Window's Hibernate or Suspend features? The easiest way to fix the problem is to get Shutdown Lock, a program that can hibernate-enable any application, like FlashGet, or AudioGrabber. This tiny utility (only 64 KB) makes it possible for a third party software to force PC into suspension or hibernation, rather than to shut PC down.

Major objectives:

Shutdown Lock  screenshot. Click to see description of Shutdown Lock features.

This is how Shutdown Lock works. The program is loaded upon startup and sits quietly in the system tray. You can enable or disable it with one mouse click. If enabled, the program will either hibernate or suspend PC when a program prompts system shut down. This is a very valuable feature, because it prevents accidental data loss.

Shutdown Lock is a great program for folks who have their PCs most of the time and want to make sure that their PC won't be shut down or reloaded accidentally, as it happens quite often with folks who have kids. In addition, Shutdown Lock can be used as a quick alternative way to suspend or hibernate PC without accessing Window's Start menu.

Shutdown Lock is 100% FREE to download and try, and brainlessly easy to use. Needless to say, this 64KB barely uses any system resources at all. Download it now.

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Provide full SP2 compatibility

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What users are saying:

It worked just perfect with flashget. The only one thing frustrating me. FlashGet nothing knows about shut down lock and close himself :) Neva Sutton...


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