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This particular software is a utility element, which can be incorporated in your laptop or desktop. There are many applications which require your computer to be shut down, rather then going into hibernation or sleep mode. These applications prevent the same from happening, which can cause a hassle too many users.

By installing Shutdown Lock you will be able to convert regular software into hibernate friendly ones. So that you do not require to turn off your computer altogether. This means you can easily turn it to the sleep mode without having to worry about losing all your applications and not being able to save your work.

Here is a list of some of the main elements of the software and how it can provide you with convenience.
  • It enables applications to have hibernate and standby features which already do not have the same.
  • It allows your computer to stay the way it is without letting it switch off or switch on unnecessary. This means your precious data will not be lost during this process.
  • It provides convenience as you can use your device uninterrupted and at a more smooth phase.

The application is not very extensive and it sits quietly in the system tray. It can be found in the startup menu of your computer. Which makes it very easy to utilize whenever required. Apart from this, you can enable or disable the application with a click of a button. It makes sure that you use the application as and when required and it does not keep working in the background.

Shutdown Lock for Nonprofits

If you're looking to prevent your computers from shutting down in a nonprofit organization, you're in luck because Shutdown Lock can also help with that. However, we realize that nonprofits can't always afford the best technical help, so we'd like to point you to a guide to web hosting for nonprofits created by that may help you understand the best way to go about finding hosting and configuring your system.